Welcome to IT Starter Series!

IT Starter Series is a small independent, self-publishing brand by MJGPublishing OU, which was established in the year 2014. Initially, our aim was to provide high-quality e-book and paperback books. Our IT Starter Series is currently specializing in IT and programming languages. Three years in the business, and we still take pride in taking our customers seriously. Our three-year experience in the industry made us more competent and eager to provide knowledge to those who are interested in Computer Programming.

We continue to provide readers with helpful non-fiction books with the hopes arming beginners to learn computer programming.

For now, we may be a small team, but we are slowly growing and climbing our way to the top utilizing our competent and able personnel. We continuously improve ourselves and the services we offer by relying on our client’s feedbacks.

Mission and Vision

Our company aims to help our readers acquire new knowledge through the books we offer. Our intention is help enhance the lives of our readers, by teaching them new skills and knowledge so they can upgrade their lifestyle. Our goal is to help them find better careers. Our aim is to guide stay-at-home moms, retirees, and everyone interested in becoming a freelancer, for more freedom and flexibility.

We would like to be their partner in improving their lives, affecting change in the lives of the people around them, as well as becoming experts in their chosen field

We want to witness our readers to turn their passion into professions. We, in IT Starter Series, want to take part in upgrading our readers’ lifestyle and their life in general.